Indoor Snowstorm [Home]


The Story

My friend Nate was tired of sunny California where our college was located. He was excited to go home for Spring Break because he had heard that there was a huge snowstorm in progress on the East Coast. Unfortunately for him, the snowstorm hit all the areas around his home, but not his own town. He spent the week sending emails to our dorm chat list, whining about how much he missed snow.

Well, I took it upon myself to make it snow in California. More specifically in his dorm room. Volunteers from East Dorm cut out hundreds of paper snowflakes. Aiyesha, Eric, Shamik and I cleverly broke into his room and made a snowman out of garbage bags stuffed with newspaper. I personally spent hours hanging all the snowflakes with white thread.

Nate and his roomate, Lucas loved the prank so much they left it up all year. It looked really pretty when the air conditioner blew the snowflakes around.