#HMC (irc.esper.net) Channel Policy

#HMC is a channel for members of the Harvey Mudd College community. This includes anybody that's signed the HMC Roster, as well as prefrosh that have decided to come to HMC but haven't actually arrived yet. (People that don't actually go to HMC but hang out at HMC all the time are welcome too.) As such, policy is really really simple.
  1. Don't be a jackass.
  2. Specifically, spoilers = ban. Note that "spoilers" is a fairly inclusive term and will include, but is not limited to, spoilers of fiction (TV, movies, books, manga, etc), sporting events, and things prefrosh should not know about.
    1. Since people actually like to have a chance to watch shows before having people talk about them, any discussion of episodes within six hours of first airing in any fashion that requires viewing of episodes or equivalent information gathering (e.g. reading episode summaries) shall be considered spoilers. (Ban in this case will probably be short, but still. Don't.)
    For discussing things prohibited by this rule, we recommend joining #hmc-spoilarz.
  3. Everybody's an op unless they abuse it too much. Joke kicks are fine, but don't do it to AFK people. Type
    /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER
    for information on registering your nickname so that you can be auto-opped when you join the channel.
  4. Talk to Goobergunch if you need any clarification of the above. If he's not around, find some other upperclassman.
Additionally, EsperNet's website can be found at http://www.esper.net. Obviously, anything Esper says goes too. =)