Mark R. Wilkins' works:

Mel Scripting for Maya Animators (2002) technical monograph

[ Available December, 2002 from Morgan Kaufmann Publishers ]

MEL Scripting for Maya Animators describes how to apply scripting to common animation tasks in Maya, focusing mainly on effects and character setup.


The Dark Season (2000) screenplay

[ third draft completed!! ]

In the wake of an adulterous relationship with a manipulative and devilish man, a Catholic woman and her husband search for redemption through acts beautiful and horrible.


Clarity of Purpose (1993) multi-image

A young man haunted by hallucinations of his past contemplates a terrible act as a means to free himself.


Messiah (1992) multi-image

A mysterious man in black, driven by a bizarre ideology, gives his urban surroundings a bitter taste of his twisted vision of nuclear justice.


Reflection (1992) multi-image

A fantasy of voyeurism, of self-inflicted injury, and of the true meaning of videography.


Deep Six (1991) multi-image

Isolation leads to insanity among the crew of an underwater naval base.


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