YAMD is Yet Another Malloc Debugger. It's a package for finding dynamic allocation related bugs in C and C++. It currently runs on Linux/x86 and DJGPP. The current version is 0.32.


Disclaimer: I'm not really maintaining YAMD very much anymore. If someone else would like to, please email me! I will try to put patches from others here, though.

Major features include: Use of hardware page protection to catch errors, symbolic tracebacks of each operation, no source changes needed.

The README and NEWS files are also available for your viewing pleasure.

Under DJGPP, debugging can be awkward due to some problems in the standard debuggers. Patches are included with YAMD; also, patched binaries can be dowloaded here, although some of them are old. I have fixed:

Greg Lambert of IBM has contributed support for the S/390. This is currently available as a patch against 0.32.

Copyright (C) 2001 by Nate Eldredge.

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