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slides2wiki A Single Lecture Slide lets you turn your lecture slides (written with a presentation application such as Apple's Keynote or with LaTeX-based markup) into Wiki markup.

The examples on the right show a single slide from an actual class, and the Wiki lecture notes that resulted from that slide The Wiki Lecture Notes from a Single Slide

If you're interested in slides2wiki, it is described in a paper, Automated use of a Wiki for Collaborative Lecture Notes published in the SIGCSE 2005 proceedings.

If you'd like to obtain a copy, please email me — at this early stage, I'd like to know how many users I have. Please include in your message whether you are most interested in support for LaTeX or Keynote/Powerpoint support, and what your current platform is. Before you begin, you will need a Wiki website (preferably Twiki) and a working installation of Perl. If you're interested in helping to develop slides2wiki (rather than just use it) that'd be good to know too...

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