Fractal Maker

What is Fractal Maker?

Surprisingly enough, it draws fractals. Here's what you can do with it...

To select what fractal to draw, use the leftmost pop up menu. The default is Mandelbrot, but there are a few others you can choose. After you seelct something new, it'll be drawn.

To select the resolution, use the middle pop up menu. The 4x4 means each block is 4 pixels on a side - pretty blocky, but it's fast. 1x1 looks sharp, but takes a while to draw.

To select a color palette, use the rightmost pop up menu. B&W is the default, but you may like some of the color options as well.

To zoom in, click on the fractal, where you'd like to zoom - it will center and zoom in 4x. To zoom out, hold shift and click where you'd like to zoom out around. To reset the fractal, reselect it from the pop up menu.

I'd suggest you use Netscape for this, since I'm not fond of IE, and haven't really tested it with it. If you use Netscape 4.x, you'll see information in the status bar (at the bottom of the window) - while the fractal is drawing, the progress will be displayed there, and when it's done, the range currently in view will be displayed.

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