Product:  Our product will be a graphical implementation of logic
gates.  We will have a  tool bar where a user can select the logic gate
they wish to place, as well as other tools, such as input objects, and
lines to connect gates.  There will also be a calculate button that will
calculate the output from the specified logic gates when clicked on.  The
user will also have the opportunity to save macros for the duration of
their session.

Client:  Ran Libeskind-Hadas

Intended Users:  CS60 students

Platform:  web page (implemented as a Java applet)

General Requirements:
        - Quick learning curve
        - GUI palette oriented
        - Complex object creation (macros)
        - Input/Output mechanism
        - easy gate connections, layout

Team organization:
        Group Name:  Group Logic
        Group Leader: Jason Wither
	Group Organization: Organized Democracy

Life Cycle Model:  Ropes Model - We thought this model would be the best
for our project because it seems the most thorough, and is especially
designed for object orientated code, which we plan on utilizing.  (We also
liked the party time)

General Idea of Approach:
        - Java applet (version 1.2+)
        - Concurrently implement GUI and logical expression evaluator
        - Objects for different gates inherit from base gate class