What is Spamsweeper?

While it may bear a strong resembelance to Microsoft's popular Minesweeper, I assure you, Spamsweeper is a beast of a different nature. The difference is instead of defusing mines, you're defusing cans of spam, which are known world wide to be much, much, much more dangerous.

Spamsweeper is the result of my fifth homework assignment in Computer Science 60, the CS class I'm currently taking at Harvey Mudd College. It's written entirely in Java, and was our last Java assignment. I hope to make a few more games in Java, though, since it's so much fun ;-), so expect to see them up here later.

How to play Spamsweeper:

  • Click on the grid to look for mines
  • A number will appear in the cell, indicating how many cans of Spam are surrounding it
  • If the cell was armed with Spam, it will go off and you'll lose
  • To defuse a can of Spam, hold the shift key and click on the mined cell
  • If you shift-click an unmined cell, you'll lose

  • To start a new game, click "New Game"
  • To change the difficulty level, pick from the pop-up menu

copyright 1999