Random Utilities

The Mac OS X utilities below were thrown together by me at various times to satisfy a particular need, and so they may well be useless to anyone except me. They are provided as-is; apps probably need to be opened initially with a context-menu (right-click) "Open," since they're unsigned.

Word to PDF.app
An Applescript droplet for converting MS Word files to PDF. Download
Graffle to PDF&PNG.app
Applescript droplet for converting Omnigraffle (Professional) documents to both PDF and PNG format. Download
Safari 6 extension to automatically add a domain name to machine-name-only URLs, so that www/cs70 is a URL (i.e., http://www.cs.hmc.edu/cs70) and not a search term. If you want a different domain rather than cs.hmc.edu, you can change it in the extension's Preferences. Download