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Tara Laine Martin


Into the great wide open
Under the sky so blue
Into the great wide open
A rebel without a clue

Welcome! This site is designed primarily to host a journal and pictures related to my Watson Fellowship trip, although it also has other random things I thought might be useful. :)

Newsletter Archives

Newsletter 1 (9/7/04)
Newsletter 2 (10/21/04)
Newsletter 3 (10/21/04)

Recent Changes

7/9/05 Added pictures from Argentina.

6/20/05 Added some Cape Verde pictures.

1/28/05 Reorganized the journal, but haven't actually updated it yet. Yeah, that means it still only goes until October, sorry.

10/21/04 New newsletter and pictures of capoeira. Will be adding pictures from Mudd and of Milton's apartment at some point.

9/7/04 Finally got all the pictures up! Adding some backround to the journal and launching the site tonight. :)

8/24/04 Wow, I've almost got the site framework completed! Now it's mostly a matter of adding content...