Welcome to Mr. Mazer!

What is Mr. Mazer?

Mr. Mazer is a simple Java-based applet desgined by Tod Semple for the Java International Cup 1996 tournament.

What do I do?

The object the game is to get the purple ball in to the green square exit using the arrow keys. For every level you pass, you will get points based on how much time you had left at the end with more points granted each level. The maze gets bigger and mroe complex as you advance levels with a small amount of extra time to solve the puzzle. If you cannot get the purple ball into the exit before time is up, your game is over.

The Mr. Mazer Master Challenge!

Mr. Mazer might seem to be easy, but as the levels increase, you will begin to panic. Thus, the author, Tod Semple, has created The Mr. Mazer Master Challenge!

The Challenge is on. If you can beat 2.2 million, or get past level 28, mail Tod!

The Source of all Mr. Mazer

If you wish, you can check out the code. It was developed with JDK 1.0.1 and works well in Windows 95. Have fun trying to get it to run on any other operating system... We have not been successful yet.

Send your questions and comments to Tod Semple <Tod_Semple@hmc.edu>.
© 1996 Tod Semple