Subject: bus trip to new orleans


I would advise you not to go on the bus trip to new orleans. An old bus like
that will never make it mechanically to new orleans and back. You are likely
to break down in the desert along the way. You will have to have plenty of
blankets and water. you will need to have several cell phones to be able to
contact the authorities when the bus breaks down. Also if the bus does break
down, do not step out into the highway as people are frequently  killed that
way. Also who knows how to drive a big bus, especially at night. Bus drivers
take long courses in how to drive a bus. The driver is likely to fall asleep
at the wheel killing everyone on board. if you do make it to new orleans the
bus is likely to be vandalized by the Mardi Gras crowd. And returning to
California will be an even bigger problem as the driver will be extremely
tired from lack of sleep in new orleans and is even more likely to fall
asleep at the wheel. You may wish to take a plane back instead which would
be much safer. Good luck.
  Love, Dad

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Thomas Vaughan
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