Hillside Games

Harvey Mudd's CS121 students are collaborating with students and teachers at Hillside Middle School to design and build educational games. Here are some of the games we are working on.

Energy Empire

The game Energy Empire was created by David Huie, Eric Mullen, Stuart Pernsteiner, and Arielle Zuckerberg with further development by Andy Kearney, Eric Mullen, and Emily Myers-Stanhope. The game addresses the following GLCE: Describe ways the physical environment is modified by human activities, and how those actions are influenced by the values societies place on the Earth’s natural resources, physical features, and processes.
Download the latest version here.


The game Hectare was created by Ben Fish, Calvin Loncaric, Adam Novak, and Anak Yodpinyanee with further development by Andy Kearney and Eric Mullen. The game targets the following GLCE: Describe the importance of the natural environment in the development of agricultural settlements in different locations (e.g. available water for irrigation, adequate precipitation and suitable growing season).
Download the latest version here.

Time Mystery Mischief

The game Time Mystery Mischief was created by Joe DeBlasio, Karen Gragg, Sabreen Lakhani, and Kyle Stewart with help from other class members including Jessica Blevins, Jeffery Burkert, Emma Carlson, Katie Ewing, Emily Fujimoto, Audrey Lawrence, and Lucy Vasserman. Further development was carried on by Jessica Blevins, Emma Carlson, and Andy Kearney. The game targets the following GLCE: Explain how historians use a variety of sources to explore the past (e.g. artifacts, primary and secondary sources including narratives, technology, historical maps, visual and mathematical quantitative data, radiocarbon dating, DNA analysis).
Download the latest version here.