Independenent Study Requirements

Z Sweedyk
Spring 2009

These are the general requirements for an independent study project.
  1. You should plan on spending about 3 hours per week per unit of credit on this project. Included in this time are regular meetings with me; usually once a week or bi-weekly.
  2. In the first week or so, you need to develop a goal breakdown for the semester that describes, at a high level, your major objectives.
  3. You are required to maintain a wiki page on your project. The wiki should include (at least) the following:
  4. You must use version control if you are developing code.
  5. When we meet you are expected to have completed your current short-term objectives, be able to demonstrate that they are completed, and have an outline of the objectives for the coming work period.
  6. You are required to document your work in some format that we agree on; a short summary report, a technical document appropriate for publication, and/or a poster appropriate for conference submission.
  7. Mid-semester and at the close of the semester you are required to complete evaluation forms for yourself and, if you are part of a team, your teammates.
Meeting these requirements will likely earn you a B for this project. Strong results and/or more effort will improve your grade. Similarly, weak results and/or less effort will diminish your grade.