Christine Alvarado

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department
Harvey Mudd College
1250 N. Dartmouth Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

Office: Olin 1241
Phone: (909) 607-0443

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In addition to my work, I do find time for a variety of other activities.  I have gotten the chance to travel quite a bit over the last few years.  I am terrible at documenting my trips, but the pictures I do have are available here.

Travel has become more difficult since last summer when I got a puppy.  He comes in to work with me almost every day and has made himself quite at home in my office.  He's a handful, but very cute.  There are some pictures here.

Since I started at HMC in 2005, my husband and I have become experts at resolving (or at least coping with) the academic "two-body problem".  He is a professor of computer science in the Systems and Networking Group at UCSD.  While my commute is a relatively modest 35-minute drive on the LA freeways, his is a 2.5 hour journey (each way) involving a car, a train, and yes, even a scooter.

My personal hobbies consist mainly of sports.  Over the last several years I have gotten into triathlons and I have participated in several.  If you are interested in doing a tri and you are female, I strongly recommend the Danskin Women's Triathlon Series.  That's what got me hooked.  I did my first in Boston in 2002 (I think), and since have done the race in Disney World and out here in the LA area.  I've also run a couple marathons in my free time.  The most recent was the Surf City USA marathon in February 2011.

Finally, when I am not working, traveling, swimming, running or cycling (oh yeah, or sleeping), I love to cook and bake.  I've been known to sing karaoke on occasion as well.  :)