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Christine Alvarado

Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
Harvey Mudd College
1250 N. Dartmouth Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

On sabbatical at Georgia Tech 2011/12

Office: Georgia Tech TSRB 348
Phone: (404) 385-0274

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My research interests are in the conjunction of Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction. I am interested in the technical challenges of building intelligent interfaces, the challenges of evaluating the effect and utility of these interfaces, and how these interfaces might provide a platform on which to enrich computer science education.

What's New

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I recently gave a Google TechTalk on the successful efforts we have made at HMC to increase the number of women in our CS major (to 35% as of Spring 2011).   It is available here.


Current Projects

Previous Projects

I did my doctoral work as part of the Design Rationale Group in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) at MIT.

My PhD research was involved in building a sketch recognition system that combines shape and contextual information in a given domain to provide robust recognition within that domain. this recognition engine enables the construction of a fundamentally new kind of interface which we call SkRUIs (sketch recognition user interfaces). I have begun to explore the human computer interaction challenges in developing SkRUIs for larger systems that involve diagram creation as one component of their interface.

I previously worked on creating a sketch-based interface for mechanical engineers. My master's thesis is a sketching program which recognizes simple mechanical sketches.   I explored how to build a system which would work with the user to provide an interface which is both intuitive and powerful.

Thanks to some publicity on YouTube, this work has become quite widely known, even though it is now 7 years old!

Other video demos of the tool I built (called ASSIST) are available below:

For more information, see my papers