Software for Download

We are in the process of making some of our tools available for download. What we have is available below.  This page is updated every few months.  It was last updated in June 2011.

LogiSketch Installer

The LogiSketch system is now available for download.  This is research software and comes with all of the issues associated (many bugs, doesn't work the way you'd like it to, etc).  The system is very much still under development.  If you have feedback, please send it to  We may not get to it quickly, but we always appreciate comments.

Datasets for Download

We have two labled digital logic datasets available for download.  The links below provide the data and an associated paper that describes how the data was collected.

Journal to XML format converter and Sketch Labeler 

Download labeler and converter (binaries and source for both programs, packaged together)
Latest release posted 8/1/2008.  It fixes several bugs and adds some new features from the previous release.

Download this file and unzip it.  There are instructions included on how to run both the converter and the labeler. We have also included the source if you would like to make changes and recompile (using Visual Studio .NET 2003 or later), and here is a link to the documentation for the converter source:

converter documentation

JntToXML converts Microsoft Journal files to an open XML format that was developed by the Design Rationale Group at MIT.  It's a really nice format that supports a rich array of stroke information (including timestamps, labels, etc.).  There is documentation about the format in the readme file included with the download.

The labeler allows the user to label sketches that are in the MIT XML format.  It is pen-based and designed to run on the Tablet PC.  We welcome feedback and suggestions on how to improve the interface.  Please email


This material is based upon work supported by a National Science Foundation CAREER award under Grant No. IIS-0546809.

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