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Earth (erth) n.

(1) Mostly Harmless

Continuity: Hitchhiker's

(2) Small, blue-green planet, third in the Sol system, terrestrial, life-bearing, oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. Homeworld of Homo Sapiens. Orbits its sun at a distance of about 93 million miles, with a revolution period of about 365.25 Earth days, and an axial tilt of about 66.5 degress. Equatorial diameter of 7,926 miles. Oceans cover a little over 70% of the planet's surface.

While the earth is far from perfect, and is often in danger of being ruined by its own native species, many people are known to have grown quite fond of it.

Continuity: RL

(3) Home planet of the Earth Alliance; EarthGov is situated in Geneva, Switzerland. Earth has recently become an increasingly totalitarian state under the rule of president Clark, and its colonies on Orion, Proxima III, and Babylon 5 have declared independance. There are rumors that EarthGov may be collaborating with an ancient race known as the Shadows. Earth Alliance currently has treaties with the Centauri Republic and the Minbari Federation.

Continuity: Babylon 5

(4) Before the launching of the Marathon by the United Earth Space Council in 2472, Earth had little or no contact with alien races. There have been rumors that a holographic simulation of a Jjaro diplomat once appeared before US government officials, but there is no reliable information pertaining to this incident. The first colony on TAU CETI brought humans into contact with the Pfhor, and the Earth was for a time in considerable danger of being conquered or perhaps even destroyed until a combined force of Humans and S'pht managed to repel the Pfhor threat.

Continuity: Marathon

(5) Tragically, disasters lost in the mists of time befell Earth, and it has become unable to support life of any kind. The great Galactic Empire was instead centered on the planet Trantor.

Continuity: Asimov

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