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Mjolnir (mjol'-nir?) n.

(1) The magical hammer of Thor, a god of Thunder.

Continuity: Norse Mythology

(2) A Mjolnir Mark IV Military Cyborg. This advanced line of cyborgs was one of the first to have the ability to blend unnoticed into human society. Although they contain many human biological parts, the Mjolnirs are much faster, stronger, and more durable than any human. Very versatile and able to formulate complex strategies on their own, they are quite likely the most effective and deadly weapon known to mankind.

Ever since the horrific war between the Independent Asteroid Government of Icarus and the Republic of Thermopylae in 2194 the use of cyborgs has been strictly regulated. However, ten Mjolnir Mark IV's were secretly taken on board the colony ship Marathon when it launched in 2472. Nine of these helped defend the colony on TAU CETI from the first attack by the Pfhor, and were subsequently destroyed during the massive bombings of the second attack. It is rumored that the tenth cyborg single-handedly defended the Marathon itself from the first wave of attackers before leaving with the rougue AI DURANDAL in a captured Pfhor scout ship. The current whereabouts of this last Mjolnir Mark IV are unknown.

Continuity: Marathon

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