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"Maniac! Maniac! Maniac!" -Sunmee and/or Emily

"FISH! Fish fish fish..." -Emily (or whoever)

"Steuard, that is not the Koosh ball." -Kim

"Stop ... or I shall smite thee mightily." -Ben

"That would work much better if it were bigger..." -Kim, to Stu

"You're cruel! You're evil!" -Steuard . "I'm female." -Kim

"I'm going to find a font for dancing men." -Mathias

"I don't want you to duct tape me to my bed..." -Stu

"Get up, Steuard. . . . Not that way!" -Kim

"Sit on the one with the yellow stockings." -Steuard

"I never realized you had such talented lips." -Kim

"I was trying to figure out where to insert it." -Stu

"Lion, you aren't going to let me look at your doodle?" -Kim

Ed. note: Ok, now I know it looks like Kim and Stu are getting a monopoly on this page... But.. but.. they just say the most quotable things...

But enough of that. Now some..

Notable Quotes from Beyond Inertia

"I have never come across anyone who admires virtue as much as he admires sexual attraction." -Confucius

"You can't have the tomato, it's mine!" -Dragon Half, credits

"I've always wanted to be a forest product!" -Ian

"When I undress it and view it naked - there may still be errors in my judgements about it, but I couldn't possibly grasp [it] in this way without a human mind." -Descartes, Meditations

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