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A body at rest will tend to remain at rest and a body in motion will tend to remain in motion
unless acted upon by an outside force.
--Newton's First Law of Motion

Inertia People

What's an Inertia?

Inertia is our suite in East Dorm at Harvey Mudd College. It's name comes from the fact that we've been living in the same place for two years, plus the fact that if you come to hang out and talk here you may never escape...


Inertians and friends:

(Everyone's got home pages now...)

Classic Inertia Downstairs

David Bunde . . . MOOOoooo...
Ben Elgin . . . . the vengeance of heaven is slow but sure...
Geoff Finger . . . ask to see his demon impression.
Steuard Jensen . . our resident Prom King.

The Zoo

Emily Soper . . . possibly Sane, but we doubt it...
Sunmee Jang . . . the proper spelling is 'Sunmeeeeeeeeeeee'

Inertia Downstairs: the Fall 96 Expansion

Mathias Gehl . . . anyone want to play an RPG? Please?
Matt Dharm . . . . . . . .
Kim Yarbrough . . lives here again, still stops by to play with Stu's balls

Farther Afeild

Beth Coleman . . . the representative from South
Lion Kimbro . . . he linked to our page, so the least we can do is link to his

Follow this here link for more fun and pointless QUOTES.


Games and other Time Sucks

Here's some of the many wonderful ways to waste time in Inertia. We included some links so you can waste time too...

PuyoPuyo An addictive tetris-like game.
Maniac An addictive Pac-Man/Hang Man crossbreed. (Link: download Maniac, Mac only, 1 meg)
CivNet If you don't know about this game, you're probably lucky... (Link: Microprose CivNet page)
Myth Fortunes A board game based on Robert Asprin's Myth series. (Link: the Nitpicker's giude to Myth)
Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega An RPG which we play on rare occasions when we all have time.
Wordsters A very simple yet cool word game.
Interactive Literature Role-playing like it was meant to be, and a giant-sized time suck. (Link: Scions of Taleisin homepage [new URL])
Anime anime anime and more anime. (Link: the Anime Turnpike)
Other Stuff Which we'll think of sooner or later...


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