Ranma 1/2

by Takahashi Rumiko

Volume 30

Translated By a Fan, For the Fans

Distributed by the MANGA MILITIA

    The Story So Far...

	A long time ago, the infant Saotome Ranma, separated from his mother 

Nodoka, went on a martial arts study trip with his father Genma. However, since falling into pools during their study at Juhsenkyoh ("Cursed

Pools") in China, they have been changed so that whenever the father and son

are covered with water, Genma shape-changes into a Panda, and Ranma shape-

changes into a girl. If Nodoka finds out about this shape-changing nature, the two of them will

have to commit seppuku (ritual suicide); at present, they are living at the

Tendoh Dohjoh. By the way, when you mention shape-changing nature, Ranma's rival Hibiki

Ryoga, too, shape-changes into a black pig when he is covered with water.

That "P-chan" Ryoga now ascends to the living stage! Table of Contents: Part 1 - Ryoga's Spring Part 2 - I Love Pigs! Part 3 - The Ideal Couple p.5 Part 1 - Ryoga's Spring p.6 Boy: Yeah, yeah. Boy: It is, it is. Boy: Hm? Boy: HM?! Boy: PIG?! p.7 Ranma: A pig who attacks a lot of young men? Akane: My, that's dangerous, isn't it. Boy: Ranma, are you still unhurt? Boy: About half of our class has been beaten up. Boy: Shit--, what grudge could it have... Ryoga: Akane... Ryoga: At last, I've come back. Ryoga: This time's souvenirs are a little contrived. Ryoga: Surume... ("Dried cuttlefish") Ryoga: Kikurage... ("Wood ear fungus") Ryoga: Dango... ("Meatballs") Ryoga: Do you know what these mean? p.8 Ryoga: You don't know? I guess I got a little carried away. Ryoga: SUrume... KIkurage... DAngo... Ryoga: It says, "suki da"... (NOTE: "I love you") Ryoga: Good, the end of my prerehearsal. Ryoga: For me, it's a clever confession. Akane: Ryoga, welcome back. Ryoga: A-Akane. I-Impossible, listening just now... p.9 Akane: What? Ryoga: No, that is... Ryoga: SU... Ryoga: SU... Wall: SURUME. Akane: Wow, my souvenirs this time are surume and the others? Akane: Thank you, goodbye. Ryoga: Hmph. Ranma: Hey, Ryoga. Ranma: You came back after all? Ranma: Say, Ryoga, could you be... Ranma: Unable to stand the stress? Ryoga: Me? Ranma: Well, because they say there's a pig running amuck... Ryoga: Who... p.10 Ryoga: ...IS A PIG?! Ranma: What? Even though I was worried about you. Ryoga: Wait, you. Akari: Go, Katsunishiki. Ranma: Hm?! p.11 Akari: K-Katsunishiki. Ranma: Oho, so that's the wild pig of the rumors? Ryoga: Serves you right. p.12 Akari: U-Um... Akari: Uh... You win. Akari: Please read this! Ryoga: Eh...? p.13 Akari: Well, see you again. Akari: Hiyo--! Ryoga: What's with that girl...? Ryoga: UGH! Ryoga: Th-This... Letter: I love you. Please go out with me. It's love at first sight.

It's true. - Unryu Akari. Ranma: Hm? p.14 Ryoga: If this... Ryoga: IF... Ranma: Isn't it a love letter? Ryoga: Don't say it straight, jerk. p.15 Ranma: You're happy, right? Ryoga: Hmph. Ryoga: Have you forgotten, Ranma? Ryoga: I'm dead set on Akane. Akari: Um... Ryoga: Hey! Akari: I'm Unryu Akari. Ryoga: I'm H-H-Hibiki Ryoga. Ryoga: U-Um... Ryoga: Why me...? p.16 Akari: My house is a Pig Sumo Room that's trained sumo pigs for generations. Akari: And this is the 14th champion, Katsunishiki... (NOTE: "-nishiki"

is a common suffix on the formal names of Sumo wrestlers. "Katsu" is a word

denoting "pork.") Akari: My grandfather said, before he died... Grandfather: Akari... Be with a strong man... Grandfather: I won't allow you to marry any man who can't beat our

champion Katsunishiki... Akari: It's my grandfather. Ranma: He certainly did say it before dying. p.17 Akari: But there was not one man who could beat Katsunishiki. Ranma: In the end, ANYBODY who could beat the pig was OK...? Ryoga: You, with a serious face... Akari: (2) Y-You're wrong. Akari: Please read my diary. Diary: Ryoga-sama, Ryoga-sama, Ryoga-sama... Ryoga + Akari Akari: I loved you before you duelled with Katsunishiki... Ranma: Don't they all have today's date on them? p.18 Ryoga: If there is a Spring for me... Ryoga: Spring... Ryoga: SPRING--! Ryoga: R-Really? Am I really all right?! Akari: Ryoga-sama. p.19 Akari: When I first met you, you were my ideal man. Ryoga: A-A dream? These kind of words from a girl, for me... Akari: Strong, like a pig... Akari: Robust like a pig... Gentle like a pig... Intelligent like a pig... Akari: Refreshing like a pig, cool like a pig... For me to be able to

meet such a piglike man... Akari: Ryoga-sama...? Ranma: Phew... p.20 Ryoga: It was a momentary Spring... Ryoga: My heart is cold... Akari: Eh...? Ryoga: I'm going on a journey. Ryoga: Bye. Akari: Ryoga-sama?! Akari: Wh-Why? Akari: U-Um, was there something wrong with the way I praised him? Ranma: You were praising him? p.21 Part 2 - I Love Pigs! p.22 Akari: Hibiki Ryoga... My first love. Akari: More excellent than any pig I've met until now... Akari: Strong, cool... Akari: Even though he was a normal human man... Ranma: Are you possibly a die-hard pig lover? Akari: Already, I love-love-love-love them so much I can't stand it. p.23 Akari: But now I'm dead set on Ryoga-sama. Akari: I don't know why he hates me... Ranma: It's not like she was extorting poor old Ryoga. Ranma: Let's cooperate. Akari: R-Really? Ranma: Because Ryoga is GENERALLY a friend of mine... Akari: Thank you. You're as friendly as a pig! Ryoga: My heart is cold. Ryoga: I'm going on a journey. Ranma: At any rate, bringing that rascal Ryoga back... Ranma: I've got to undo the misunderstanding... p.24 Akane: Welcome back, Ranma. Akane: P-chan's come back. Akari: Wow, a cute little pig. Akari: Oops. Akane: Ah, P-chan? Akari: That's the first time a pig's ever hated me... Akane: Um, you are...? Nabiki: Ehhh, Ryoga's girlfriend?! p.25 Akari: I'm Unryu Akari. This is the champion, Katsunishiki... Akari: Um... I'm still not formally going out with Ryoga-sama... Nabiki: Wow, Ryoga, before we knew it, this cute of a girl... Ranma: Weren't you going on a journey? Ryoga: Hmph. Ryoga: What do you think YOU'RE doing, Ranma? Ryoga: Bringing that kind of girl here. Ranma: At any rate, she's really fallen for you. Ryoga: Heh. p.26 Ryoga: It's unbelievable, calling a person a pig so much. Ranma: Therefore... Ranma: Unryu Akari really loves pigs. Ryoga: Who's a pig--!! Ranma: Therefore... Akane: Oh, you Ryoga--! Akane: You should have introduced this cute a girlfriend sooner. Akari: Ryoga-sama, welcome back from your journey already... Ryoga: (2) Y-You're wrong, Akane. I don't have such a girl... p.27 Akane: Even though it's nothing to blush about. Besides... Akane: I'm REALLY glad you were able to get a girlfriend. Akane: Somehow, you've always been lonely by yourself. Akane: As a FRIEND, I was worried. Ranma: Hey, it's no use pretending you aren't listening. p.28 Akari: Um... Homemade cookies and a handmade sweater. Ryoga: Wh-What is it? This warm feeling... This, filling the cracks in my heart... Ranma: That is love. Ryoga: Love?! Ryoga: Homemade cookies. p.29 Ryoga: Handmade sweater. Ryoga: SHE'S TEASING ME AFTER ALL! Akari: Ry-Ryoga-sama... Ryoga: Damn it--! Akari: Hah...! Akari: Ryoga-sama, could you possibly... p.30 Akari: Do you suppose he hates pigs? Akane: I've... Never heard a thing like that. Ranma: HMMM... Sign: Cat House Great-Grandma: A drug to make one obediently accept love...? Great-Grandma: If there were such a convenient thing... Shampoo: I would have used it on Ranma long ago. Great-Grandma: Wait, bridegroom. Great-Grandma: The Fervent Love Incense Holder. Ranma: Oh? Great-Grandma: Make them smell that incense, and give them a suggestion. p.31 Great-Grandma: In the end, when you give the keyword, they will end up

hugging their partner. However, the effect is only momentary. Ranma: Phew. Ranma: If I use even the already-existing truth, it's this. Ranma: Because Ryoga is simple. Akari: Kyah, I can't be a bride any more. Ryoga: Sorry! I'll take responsibility and go out with you. Ryoga: Kyushu...? Okinawa...? I'll go someplace warm. Ryoga: Although it probably won't melt the eternal tundra of my heart... p.32 Ranma: Let's see... Ranma: The keyword... After all, there's nothing but that. Ranma: PIG. Man: Tonight's dinner is Butaman. ("Pork (Pig) Buns") Ryoga: I love you--! Ranma: Good, it's a success. Ranma: Ryoga. p.33 Ryoga: Go on a date with Unryu Akari? Ryoga: Geez, what are you doing, what it's gone this far? Ranma: At any rate... Ranma: I'll just say this... Ranma: She certainly loves pigs, but... Ryoga: I love you--! Ranma: Oh, damn. Ranma: A-At any rate... Ryoga: What? Ranma: I'll just say this. p.34 Ranma: (2) Unryu Akari is in love with the human, Hibiki Ryoga... Ranma: At least, see her once more and ask her how she feels. This is the

time and day of your date. Ranma: Ryoga... Ranma: Have you understood? p.35 Akari: Eh?? Akari: Ryoga-sama will go on a date with me?! Ranma: Yeah, in one week. Akari: In one week... Akari: Katsunishiki! Akari: Raise a hand against me. Akari: If you're thinking of me, please do it. p.36 Akane: W-Wait a minute... Akari: Ow... Akari: I-In one week... In one week, I'll show you I can learn to hate pigs... Akari: Now that I've found out Ryoga-sama hates pigs... Akari: I'll show him I can become a girl who can't even say the P in PIG.

(NOTE: The original was "the BU in BUTA." This is important for the jokes later.) Ranma: Geh! Akane: A-Amazing love, isn't it. Narration: Meanwhile, Hibiki Ryoga was approaching Aomori. Ryoga: Where's the place for the date? p.37 Part 3 - The Ideal Couple p.38 Narration: The day of Hibiki Ryoga's date with Unryu Akari... Akari: Ryoga-sama, I want to see you soon. Akari: I did a lot of special study for you because you hate pigs. Akari: Now I, too, am a splendid pig-hater. Akari: Ahh, I hate them, I hate pigs. p.39 Akane: You gave Ryoga a suggestion? Ranma: Yeah, although if it's going to be like this, it won't be of any use. Ranma: (2) At any rate, now, whenever that rascal Ryoga hears the word PIG... Ryoga: I LOVE YOU--! Ryoga: Huh? What in the world am I... Akane: W-Welcome back, Ryoga. Ryoga: A-Akane, why are you in Aomori? Akane: This is Tokyo. p.40 Akane: It's amazing, for you to find your way to the location of your date

without being late. Ryoga: No, after all, it's bad to keep a girl waiting. Ryoga: Well, first of all, a movie, then? Ranma: What are you doing going on a date with Akane? Ryoga: Hmph, shall I go, after all? Ranma: You jerk, what are you doing now, when it's too late? Ryoga: I can't lie to myself. My heart is dead set on Akane... Akari: Ryoga-sama! Ryoga: Hey! Ryoga: U-Um, th-these are souvenirs. Akari: Oh, my. p.41 Akari: I'm happy... Ryoga: (2) Sh-She's cute... Ryoga: I-If this girl... Ryoga: If she'll forgive my pig-form... Boy: Yeah, yeah. Boy: It is, it is. p.42 Boy: Futae MaBUTA is cute. Boy: And, from the Kiyomizu BUTAi. (Butai = "Stage"; contains Buta, or "pig".) Boy: We were at NeBUTA Festival. (Buta = "pig") Boy: I want to go to BUTApest. (You get the idea...) Ryoga: I LOVE YOU--! Akari: I-Impossible. Ryoga-sama is... Akari: A PERVERT?! Akane: Isn't this a little uninviting? Ranma: Well, shall we go home? Ryoga: Wait. p.43 Ryoga: What did you do to me? Ranma: Never mind the fiddling small details. Akari: I don't mind. Akari: I love everything about you, Ryoga-sama. Ryoga: Akari... Ranma: Oh. Akane: It's in one more push. Ryoga: Th-This posture--! p.44 Ryoga: Geez, you're making my mind wander!! Akane: Let's go home, Ranma, it's already OK. Ranma: Yeah. Ryoga: Coming through the long, dark, cold tunnel of my youth... Ryoga: At last, greeted by this brilliant moment... p.45 Ryoga: I'll never forget this wonderful day my whole life. Ranma: Geh? Akane: Kyah! Akari: Ryoga-sama... Akari: P-PIG... p.46 Akari: Nooo, don't come near me, Pig. Akari: I hate pigs, of all things! Pigs of all things, pigs of all things!! Ranma: Damn, too late? Akane: P-chan?! Akari: Pigs of all things, pigs of all things! Akari: After all, it's no use--! Akari: I can't hate them--! Akari: Maybe I'd better give up... Akari: Ryoga-sama... Maybe he hates me... Akari: He went home without doing anything... p.47 Akane: That's... Surely he has some deep reason. Ranma: I think so, too. Akane: Ah, wait a minute, Ranma. Ranma: Hiyo! Akari: Uh, um... Ranma: Let's try taking a chance, Ryoga. Akari: Ryoga...? Ranma: Take a chance! p.48 Ryoga: You jerk, trying to be sympathetic. Akari: Ry-Ryoga-sama... Akari: He wasn't a normal man...? Akari: Ryoga-sama... Ranma: Huh? p.49 Ranma: I thought she'd do a little dance for joy. Ryoga: You, doing a thing like this out of desperation...! Ryoga: After all... You don't want a man like this... Ranma: S-Sorry, Ryoga... Ryoga: Hmph. Ryoga: I'm not sad... Ryoga: Well, it's another journey by myself... Ranma: Ryoga... Ranma: You are sad, aren't you? Ranma: Hm?! p.50 Ryoga: Wh-What?! Ranma: She's doing a little dance!! Akari: You're my ideal man! Already there's nobody else but Ryoga-sama! Ryoga: R-REALLY--??? p.51 Ryoga: (2) Already, there is no obstacle to our love. Akane: Ryoga... Did it go well? Ranma: Phew, you've got me to thank for it. Akane: They suit each other. Ranma: They say every Jack has his Jill...? (NOTE: Jill = TojiBUTA) Ryoga: I LOVE YOU--! p.52 Letter: Ryoga-sama, whom I worship: Letter: Please understand my feelings - I ran away in shock that Ryoga-sama

had a loved one. Ranma: That ingrate Ryoga-- Akane: That's why you got hit. Letter: But, getting up my courage, I'm sending you a Pig Sumo ticket. Letter: I'll wait forever. Because I'm an obstacle to your love... Unryu Akari. Narration: Maybe one day, you can meet again. Ryoga: Where in the world am I? Narration: Maybe you won't be able to meet again, but... Press on, Hibiki Ryoga.

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