Ranma 1/2

by Takahashi Rumiko

Volume 31

Translation By Song Bang

slightly edited by Ben Elgin

Part 4: Very Lucky Day!  My Family is Away!

(Page 54)
Ryouga: If I don't get to Tendou house soon...
Ryouga: This food (present) is going to go bad...
Ryouga: Hm?!
Ryouga: I knew I recognized this house...
Ryouga: It's my house!!
Ryouga: I'll go in for a bit.  I'll change my clothes or something.
Ryouga: I'm hom...

(Page 55)
Ryouga: *Ack*
Note: [Burglars might come in, so we set up few traps... so be careful.
       - Your mother.]
Ranma: Hm?!
Akane: That dog is...
Shirokuro: Bau.
Akane: Ryouga-kun's dog...
Ranma: Shirokuro, right?
Akane: Hm?
Note: [To Akane-san.]

(Page 56)
Akane: It says he bought some "mentaiko" (cod caviar) as a present...
Ranma: I guess he went to Hakata recently...
Ryouga: [Akane-san, I'm back at my home right now.]
Ryouga: [I'm a little hurt, so I can't really move around.
         And my parents are, as usual, not home.]
Akane: Oh.
Ryouga: [I'm extremely lonely.  But no need to worry about me.  You don't have
         to visit me.
         - The Lonely Guy]
Ryouga: She's coming, she's not coming,
Ryouga: She's coming...
Ryouga: ......
Arrow right: [Not coming]

(Page 57)
Ryouga: *Smirk*, so she's not coming.
Ryouga: I guess that letter wasn't believable...
Ryouga: ...I'm so lonely...
Ryouga: Hm?!

(Page 58)
Akari: Ryouga-sama...
Akari: I wonder if he's not home...
Ryouga: Ah!  Akari-chan!
Akari: Ryouga-sama!
Ryouga: I... i... is something wrong...?
Akari: That's a...
Akari: We were only writing letters to each other...
       but I really wanted to meet you, so...
Arrows: [Penpal]

(Page 59)
Akari: I came here to be with you... but... am I bothering you?
Ryouga: . o O ( Akari-chan... )
Ryouga: B...b....b....bothering me...??  O... o...o...o...of course not.
Ryouga: . o O ( *Gasp*! )
Ryouga: . o O ( This situation. )
Ryouga: . o O ( My family is not home! )
Ryouga: . o O ( Just my girlfriend and I. )
Ryouga: . o O ( And today is an official 'Lucky Day'! )

(Page 60)
Ryouga: . o O ( This is a pattern for golden opportunity at love. )
Ryouga: A... Akari-chan!!
Akari: Ryouga-sama!!
Ryouga: . o O ( Hibiki Ryouga, 16 years old... )
Ryouga: . o O ( Take advantage of this moment! )
Ranma: What the... you're doing fine!
Akari: Oh, Saotome Ranma-sama.
Ranma: Why... you're Ryouga's girlfriend...
Akari: My name is Unryuu Akari.
Ranma: I... I see...
Ranma: Sorry for intruding at a time like this.

(Page 61)
Ranma: Hey Ryouga, what's wrong?  You look upset.
Ryouga: I look upset...
Ryouga: Because you are here, you jerk!!
Ryouga: Sorry.
Akari: No, that's okay...
Ryouga: A... Akari-chan!!
Akari: Ryouga-sama!!
Ryouga: S... sorry.
Akari: No, that's okay...
Sound: *Bell ringing sound*

(Page 62)
Ryouga: Ranma...!!  I told you to stop...
Akane: Ryouga-kun!  How's your injury?!
Ryouga: A... Akane-sa...
Akane: I thought you were lonely by yourself, so...
Shirokuro: Bau

(Page 63)
Ryouga: B... because you were worried about me...?
Akane: Am I bothering you?
Ryouga: B... b... b... bothering me??  O... o... o... o... of course not!
Ryouga: . o O ( *Gasp*! )
Ryouga: . o O ( This situation. )
Ryouga: . o O ( My family is not home! )
Ryouga: . o O ( Akane-san, who cares about me. )
Ryouga: . o O ( Today is an official 'Lucky Day'. )
Ryouga: . o O ( This is a pattern for golden opportunity at love. )
Ryouga: A... Akane-san!!
Ranma: Hey!

(Page 64)
Ryouga: Stop pestering me!!
Ranma: Didn't you forget something important?!
Ryouga: What are you talking about?!
Akari: It's noisy outside, I guess some guests are here.
Akari: I better go and serve some tea.
Akari: I wonder where the teapot is at...
Ranma&Ryouga: Hm?!
Akane: Is there somebody inside?
Ryouga: *Gasp*!
Ryouga: . o O ( O... oh no!!  I forgot that Akari-chan... )
Ranma: . o O ( That idiot... he really forgot... )
Akane: ?

(Page 65)
Ryouga: Ah!
Note: [Be careful about the trap here, also.
       - Your mother]
Ryouga: Akari-chan!!
Voice: Are you okay, Ryouga-kun?!
Ryouga: . o O ( Oh no, Akane-san is coming! )
Ryouga: D... did you hear something?!

(Page 66)
Ranma: Hey you... what are you thinking of doing?!
Ryouga: Come with me for a second.
Ranma: Akane and Akari-chan... are you thinking of keeping them both?
Ryouga: You idiot!  You really think I can do that?!
Ryouga: . o O ( But today, it's like the Lantern Festival Day and New Year's
                Day combined. {In other words, very very special day.} )
Ryouga: . o O ( There's not going to be another lucky day like this for me
                ever again!! )

(Page 67)
Ryouga: I want to be alone with Akari-chan.
Ryouga: But I also want to be alone with Akane-san.
Ryouga: Please Ranma.  Just let me do whatever I want for today...
Ranma: Let's go home, Akane.
Akane: Eh?  But...
Ryouga: Listen to what a person has to say, you bastard...!!
Akane: ......
Akane: You look healthy, Ryouga-kun.
Ryouga: *Ouch*!  It hurts to stay standing.
Akane: Ryouga-kun!!

(Page 68)
Akane: Don't worry about me, and just rest in your room.
Ryouga: I...
Ryouga: I guess you're right.  Thank you!
Ryouga: Sorry... but I feel better.
Akane: Really?
Ranma: *Smirk*, Interesting.
Ranma: Playing around with girls' feelings like that... that bastard.
Ranma: I'm going to teach him a lesson for this.
Akari: Um... Ryouga-sama.  Is there something wrong...?
Ryouga: There's nothing wrong.  So don't worry.

Part 5: Both Akane and Akari...

(Page 70)
-Hibiki Ryouga's ambitious night...-
Akane: I wonder where Ryouga-kun went to...
Shirokuro: Bau.
Akane: Hm?  The next room...?

(Page 71)
Akari: Wow...!  What a...
Akari: ... Wonderful room.
Ryouga: Sorry that you have to be cramped up in a storage room like this...
Ryouga: Well then, I'll bring over some tea.
Ryouga: Akane-san, sorry for making you wait.
Akane: Um... Ryouga-kun.
Akane: Can it be that... in the next room...
Akane: Someone is in there?

(Page 72)
Ryouga: There's nobody in there.
Akane: ......
Ryouga: In this house, there's only you and me inside.
Akane: R... really?
Ranma: Oooooooh, I'm sorry!  I'm so clumsy.
Ryouga: Eh?
Akane: . o O ( Hm?!  Ranma? )

(Page 73)
Ranma: Eeeei!
Ryouga: W... who are you?!
Ranma: Huhuhu.  Young master...
Ryouga: Young master?
Ranma: I'm the person who takes care of this house while it's empty... I'm the
Ryouga: . o O ( I... I never knew that they hired a maid... )
Ranma: . o O ( *Smirk*, He can't see through my disguise. )
Ranma: BTW, young master,
Ranma: You're playing around with two women.
Ryouga: H... how'd you know...
Ranma: Don't worry.  I'm on yourside, young master.

(Page 74)
Ryouga: S... seriously, "neeya" (How young kids refer to the maid in Japan)?!
Ranma: Hohohohoho, I will not interfere with a man's ambition!!
Ranma: Anyway young master, from one flower... to another flower*!!
       (*From one beauty... to another beauty)
Akari: Ryouga-sama.

(Page 75)
Ryouga: A... Akari-chan.  What is the meaning of this...?
Akari: Neeya-san told me to spend the night here, so...
Akari: I know I'm troubling you, but... thank you very much.
Ryouga: . o O ( T... this situation is... )
Ryouga: . o O ( A sudden climax. )
Akane: Wait Ranma, what are you doing?
Ryouga: . o O ( D... don't get nervous, Hibiki Ryouga. )
Ryouga: . o O ( I shouldn't get too excited. )

(Page 76)
Ryouga: A-k-a-r-i c-h-a-n.
Akari: Yes?
Ryouga: Doing such thing...
Ryouga: Aren't we rushing it... a bit?
Akari: Um... to... to tell you the truth...
Akari: I didn't want to go to sleep yet.
Akari: I wanted to talk to you a little longer and all.
Ryouga: I didn't mean that...!!
Akari: Eh...?
Ranma: *Ya....*
Ranma: *Yaaa!*
Ranma: I'll show you something interesting.
Akane: Eh?  What, what?

(Page 77)
Akane: ...I don't see anything.
Ranma: What the...?
Akari: . o O ( Ryouga-sama... )
Akari: . o O ( I'm so happy... )
Ranma: Young master, why don't you go see Akane-sama soon?
Ryouga: B... but neeya...
Ryouga: I can't just abandon this situation...
Ranma: That's too bad.

(Page 78)
Ranma: I told her to...
       ...wash her back while taking a bath...
Ryouga: *Gasp*!
Ryouga: . o O ( I... I can't believe this.  Hearing such a wonderful
                thing... )
Akane: What are you doing?
Ranma: Hehe, something good.
Ryouga: . o O ( Substitute myself with some other body. )
Ryouga: Akane-san, just wait...
Ryouga: I'm coming now!

(Page 79)
Akane: What is he doing,
Akane: Telling me to wait here...
Ranma: Clean... clean... clean...
Akane: P-chan?!
Akane: Why are you at Ryouga-kun's house...
Akane: Oh no!
Akane: You got wax all over yourself.
Akane: Hold on.
Akane: I'll wash you with some hot water.

(Page 80)
Akane: Ah?!  P-chan.
Ranma: Was it fun, young master?
Ryouga: *Smirk*, It was like a wonderful dream.
Ryouga: . o O ( But I... )
Ryouga: . o O ( ...Have another dream! )
Ryouga: I'm coming now, Akari-chan!
Ranma: Hey, two-timing expert!
Ryouga: Akari-chan, let's continue from earlier on...

(Page 81)
Akari: Ah, welcome back Ryouga-sama.
Shirokuro: Bau
Akari: I had some free time, so I made some "Chanco" (some Japanese food).
Akari: Here, try some.
Ryouga: . o O ( Only if I decided sooner... )
Ryouga: . o O ( I'm getting punished. )
Ryouga: . o O ( Because I tried to keep them both without knowing my body's
                limit. )
Akari: Um... you don't want to eat... the food I made?
Ryouga: O... of course I do.

(Page 82)
Akari: Is it good?
Shirokuro: Oof
Ryouga: *Nod*
Ryouga: . o O ( I'm happy like this... no need to be greedy. )
Ranma: Akane-sama wants to embrace you.
Akari: Ryouga-sama?
Ryouga: I'll be right back.
Ryouga: Really, neeya?!
Ranma: Seriously.

(Page 83)
Ryouga: Ahhhhhhhh!
Ryouga: What part of her...
Ryouga: Looks like Akane-san?!
Ranma: Kyaaa!  Akane-sama!!
Akane: What part of her looks like me?!

(Page 84)
Ryouga: . o O ( *Smirk*... )
Ryouga: . o O ( What an idiot I was... )
Ryouga: . o O ( Still I have to choose one. )
Ryouga: . o O ( I got to decide now!! )
Ryouga: Okay!
*(The chalk was drawn toward Akari-chan's name)
Ryouga: Akari-chan.
Ryouga: Eh, she's not here?!
Ryouga: . o O ( N... no way! )
Ryouga: . o O ( I didn't get to do anything yet...! )
-But... right now, Akari is...-
Akari: Akane-san, since when were you here?
Akane: How about you, Akari-san...?
Ranma: Are you happy that they met, young master?
Ryouga: Stop it.
-So nobody went home.-

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