Ranma 1/2

by Takahashi Rumiko

Volume 36

Translated By Song Bang

slightly edited by Ben Elgin

Part 2: Coming Soon

(Page 22)
Akane: Wow!  What a beautiful lake.
Soun: Now, to prepare the barbecue... 
Soun: Then let's wait for the food to arrive.
Nabiki: How stupid, leaving all the food in the train.
Kasumi: Ranma-kun left to buy the food at the foot of the mountain, so...
Ranma: Okay, now to take back the food.
Ranma: Hm?!

(Page 23)
Ryouga: Where is the plateau?!
Ranma: Why, if it isn't Ryouga.
Ryouga: Eh.
Ryouga: . o O ( W... what the?! )
Ryouga: . o O ( Ranma is here... that means... )
Ryouga: This is Tendou doujou?!
Ranma: This is the plateau.
Ryouga: It is?!
Ranma: Yeah, it is.

(Page 24)
Ryouga: *Smirk*, I'm practically there then.
Ranma: What the?  A map?
Ryouga: Give it back, you idiot!
Ryouga: I have a very important thing to do from here on.
Ryouga: It's not something you should care about.
Ryouga: It's this way... okay.
Ranma: Hm?
Ranma: A letter...?
Letter: [...Near the lake on a plateau, I'll wait for you under a "otome no
         zou" (maiden's statue*)]
         (*"Otome" means maiden, and "zou" means statue... but "zou" also
           means elephant, so "otome no zou" here can mean "statue of a
           female elephant."  But I'll put "maiden's statue" since that's
           the pure translation of it.)

(Page 25)
Letter: [Enclosed in the letter is a map which is easy to understand, even for
         you, Ryouga-sama.
         - Unryuu Akari]
Akari: . o O ( Please come soon, Ryouga-sama. )
Map: <.-----------------------------------------------------.
      |                                               Bottom|
      |         /'                               `\         |
      |       /'          .-------------.          `\       |
      |     /'          /'        _.- Here.          `\     |
      |    |          /'      __\D/__  Maiden's statue |    |
      |    |     Rented     /'  |*|  `\      |         |    |
      |    |     Bungalow  |   Lake ~~~|     |  Forest |    |
      |    |         ***   |(Very top)~|     |         |    |
      |    |         |      \~~~   |||/      |     O O |    |
      |    |        O \      `-------'**Boat House `O` |    |
      |     \      O`O `\       /!\       /'      O ` /     |
      |      `\    ` `   `---.   !   .---'        ` /'      |
      |        `\            |   !   |One         /'        |
      |          `\          |   !   |Main      /'          |
      |            `\    Climb Up!   |Road    /'            |
      |              `-------|   !   |-------'              |
      |                      |   !   |Plateau Entrance      |
      |Bottom                                         Bottom|
Ranma: That idiot... took my grocery shopping map by mistake.

(Page 26)
Butcher shop owner: A boy with a bandanna?
Ranma: So he didn't come this way?
Vegetable shop owner: No, he didn't come this way.
Ranma: That 'no sense of direction' fool,
Ranma: He's still a lost child...
Soun: I'm very hungry...
Kasumi: Oh, Ranma-kun.
Nabiki: What took you so long?!
Ryouga: That's weird... according to this map, there should be a butcher shop
Akane: Ranma..., Ryouga-kun is here.
Ryouga: Hm?!  What are YOU doing here?!
Ranma: That's what I wanted to ask you!
Nabiki: Let's eat, let's eat.
Akane: Why don't you join us, Ryouga-kun?
Ryouga: Eh?!  Is it okay?

(Page 27)
Ryouga: . o O ( At a romantic plateau like this, enjoying meal time with
                Akane-san... )
Ranma: Hey you!
Ranma: What about Akari-chan?!
Ryouga: *Gasp*
Ryouga: Oh no!  It's already time for the meeting!!
Ranma: So stop wandering around like this!
Ranma: Got it, Ryouga?
Ranma: The place you are at right now is this bungalow.
Ranma: And the maiden's statue is here.
Ryouga: What the... I can see it from here.
Ranma: The place is right there.

(Page 28)
Ranma: Just walk along the lake, okay?
Ryouga: Just walk along the lake... got it.
Nabiki: Oh, so Ryouga-kun has a date with Akari-chan.
Akane: Ranma, you could've just taken him there.
Ranma: He can't miss it from here.
Ryouga: I'm coming now, Akari-chan.
Ryouga: Okay, this way...
Ryouga: Follow along the lake...
Nabiki: ...Right now...
Ranma: ...He turned left...?
Ryouga: Where is the lake?!
Ryouga: I... I know.  At a time like this, I should keep my composure.
Ryouga: "Bakusaitenketsu"!

(Page 29)
Ranma: Ah!
Ranma: What good is going underground?!
Ryouga: O... oh... it's up there then.
Ryouga: Ooh!  I did it!  I'm near the lake!
Ranma: But how?!
Ryouga: . o O ( B... but what are you going to do, Hibiki Ryouga. )
Ryouga: . o O ( Walking along the lake is no use. )
Ryouga: . o O ( I can see the maiden's statue right in front of my eyes... )
Ryouga: . o O ( Oh, I know! )
Ryouga: Wahahahaha!  I can't get lost if I go in straight line like this.

(Page 30)
Man: Ah, excuse me.
Soun: Yo, Ryouga-kun.
Nabiki: What happened to your date?
Ranma: I thought of something that might work.
Ryouga: Ranma...
Ranma: You, stop moving around!
Ranma: Now, I'll take you to the maiden's statue.
Nabiki: That's a good idea.
Ranma: What the...?
Note: [Ryouga-sama.  If you get here, please wait for me right here.
       - Akari]

(Page 31)
Akane: Oh?  Akari-san.
Akane: You didn't meet Ryouga-kun yet?
Akari: Eh...?
Akari: That means...
Akari: He successfully made it here!
Akane: Ah, Ranma.
Akari: Ranma-sama...
Ranma: Ah, there you are.
Akane: Where is Ryouga-kun?
Ranma: *Smirk*, I made him wait at the statue.
Ryouga: Huh...

(Page 32)
Ryouga: Damn it, that Ranma.
Ryouga: Where am I?!
Ryouga: *Trying to get freed sound*
Ryouga: I have to look for that maiden's statue.
Ryouga: Akari-chan!
Soun: Hm?
Nabiki: ...I guess he made it to the statue.
Akari: Um... where is Ryouga-sama...
Akane: Ah, at the other side of the lake!

(Page 33)
Ranma: Hey, Ryouga!!
Akari: Ryouga-sama!
Ryouga: Eh?!
Ryouga: Damn it!
Ryouga: Where is that maiden's statue?!
Ranma: You idiot!
Akane: Ryouga-kun... here!  Here!
Ranma: Wait here, Akari-chan.
Akane: We can get him if we cover both ways.

(Page 34)
Ryouga: T... that's weird.  I don't see the maiden's statue anywhere...
Ryouga: . o O ( Wait a minute... )
Ryouga: . o O ( Maybe I'm on a different plateau...?! )
Ranma: Ryouga...!!
Ryouga: . o O ( That's gotta be it!  It certainly can happen to me. )
Akane: Ryouga-kun!!
Ryouga: I gotta get there!  "Bakusaitenketsu"!!
Ranma: I... idiot!  Still acting like a lost child...
Ranma: We're too late...
Akane: Ryouga-kun, where'd you go...
Akari: Ryouga-sama...

(Page 35)
Ryouga: Where am I?!
Voice: Ryouga-sama.
Ryouga: Hm?!
Ryouga: Where are you, Akari-chan!
Voice: Over here, Ryouga-sama.
Ranma: Hmmm.
Akari: Over here.
Ryouga: Where?!
Akane: I'm sure they'll meet each other soon...
Ranma: Let's not bother them.
Ryouga: Akari-chan, where on earth are you?
Ryouga: !

(Page 36)
Ryouga: A... Akari-chan!!
Akari: Ryouga-sama!!
Ryouga: I'm coming now!!
Akari: Eh...?!
Akane: Hm?
Ranma: Just turn around.
Akari: Ryouga-sama...
Ryouga: Sorry about that.  Did you wait long?
Akari: Just a little...
Nabiki: She's so understanding...
Akane: You two must be so glad you finally met each other.
Ranma: Hey, how long are you going to have a date like this?

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