A chess variant played on two chess boards by four people (two sets of partners). Partners play opposite colors and play next to each other. Whenever a player captures a piece, he passes it to his partner who may place it as a move anywhere that is legal. Pawns may not be placed on the final rank.

The game is over when a player is CheckMated or (upon agreement) the king is taken, or any player's time runs out. BugHouse is usually played on 5:00 min clocks (i.e. each person has 5 minutes to make their moves).

Think of it as ChesSers for people who don't like checkers. Some BugHouse players have found that they are fairly decent at ChesSers on the chess side. No players have been found that have been converted from ChesSers first to BugHouse, so no comparison can be made.

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