KimEspinoza: This was a great movie. It was fun packed and action packed. The girls were so great and the guys weren't so bad themselves. This is a great movie to see on the big screen because of all the action. Plus, the girls are way cool. I give this movie an A! (But then i'm someone who really like "Dude, Where's My Car")

JoeFrosh: This was one of the silliest movies I've seen in a while, just because of how overdone some things were. It sort of reminded me of The Avengers, though it wasn't as silly as that. I suppose if you want to see some good-looking women kicking some ass and acting ditzy, then you might want to see this...otherwise, at least wait until it comes out on video.

AlexBobbs: Don't expect anything really deep or meaningful in this movie, but if you've seen as many action/spy movies as I have, you'll probably have a great time and laugh a lot. This movie is a near parody, with subtle and not-so-subtle references to Mission: Impossible, the Bond series, True Lies, the Matrix, and basically every action movie you've ever seen. Cameron Diez and Lucy Lui are especially funny in their roles. The first few action scenes are really neat, but the silliness of them starts to get old by the end of the movie. See this if you're looking for some escapist fare or a silly (but funny if you get the joke) take-off on action movies.

AriNieh: I think the idea was that it was so silly, you can't help but laugh. Unfortunately, I could.


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