Chris loves many things. Many of them are you. Here is something He is most interested in. He wants to find out who can talk the best (ie most offensive) shmack. Mainly about himself. Don't worry, Chris is filled with nothing but love (and sick curiosity) so he won't take offence at anything said here. In fact he doesn't take very many things seriously. You shold do likewise. Happy trails.
(this is secretly a piece of living art work. hehe, yeah right!)
The problem with this idea, fucknut, is that you are trying to get people to talk about you when no one really cares about you. The only reason I've ever even heard of you is because your little girlfriend is a queen in the sack (and on the floor, and on the table...). If you had half a brain in that fat ass of yours which you call a head, you'd get your little queer ass out of this town and go lick balls somewhere else. It's fuckin' little rich pricks like you at fuckin' little rich schools like HarveyFuckinMudd that make living in this planet the shithole that it is today. You and all your little hippy tree hugging long haired freak friends need to give yourself one big fuckin' reality check and realize that you are all a bunch of fuckin' pussies. I can't believe I even wasted my fuckin' time with this wiki whatver the fuck you call it. You all are a bunch of fuckin' losers. - James (who at least has a penis)

I know it's not schmack about Chris, but it's interesting to note that the above James seems to think and type about as well as the appendage he's so proud of.

(I approve of this. It doesn't all have to be about me. I just find stuff about me particularly enteraining. -- ChrisPries)

Oh yeah, well fuck you!
Chris Pries, you are a foolio
Chris is a hottie.
I bet i know whose edit that was!
You're probably wrong, because it was me. -AriNieh

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