is a Mudder, now decided as a math major.

was a swimmer in a previous life.

hangs out in the lounge (And is a n00b at Smash), but can also be found in room 101 (2010-12).

You can often find him in the lounge on nights before assignments are due, making sure that his work is neat.

once hung out in XandaSchofield and MeganWheeler's room (Unfortunately has not done this in a while :(. ).

also responds to Corey-with-an-E, Corey-with-a-gamma, and Tecate-frosh (also celery chooser, anagrammatically)(but not Andrew, damn it!).

has a weak PatriNumber of 2.

usually looks like a taller DanMoore or quieter JoshuaEhrlich.

also wears shirts that make the unexpected expected. (As in "Nobody Expects...!")

is almost always willing to play a game of Bang!, Betrayal, Settlers, Euchre, or MagicTheGathering (especially EDH).

was DormJock for 2010-2011 (Campaign promise: does intramural stuff).

is one of EastDormPresidents for 2011-2012 with BryanVisser.

is currently in charge of soda machine, since Trystan, then Zvi left.

has the very strange habit of rotating his sleep schedule (intends to stop this at some point).

cannot accurately predict his grades, ever (F=C-?).

Also now in KosherChords.

Room locations:


Others can add themselves to the list as they see fit.


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