Dr. Anna DeMichele is currently in her final semester as the conductor of the concert and chamber choirs, as well as a nice professor to have for ClappingForCredit?. It's a crying shame that she has to leave, and I think it'd be really cool if any Easties who've had her for choir or for ClappingForCredit? would post nice things about her here, if they have nice things to say. For my part, I leave her this thank you:

Thank you, Anna DeMichele. Thank you for singing, thank you for giving up sweets for Lent, thank you for making me laugh, thank you for making me cry, thank you for being the best choir director I've ever had. Thank you for Beethoven's Ninth, Bach's Magnificat (DAMN THOSE TRUMPETS), Carmina Burana, Lobgesang, and most especially, Theresienmesse. Thank you for chamber choir lunches, concert choir dinners, and other random meals. Thank you for writing my recommendation letters. Thank you for making the office of choir secretary. Thank you leading me in sectionals, thank you for joking with Paul, thank you for letting me blow the pitch pipe. Thank you for Mad Feast. Most of all, thank you for driving all the freaking way from Long Beach to days of paperwork, e-mails, crazy rehearsals, Friday Noons, faculty meetings, evening rehearsals with the orchestra, and six damn years in Pattison Recital Hall. --Cypress Armstrong, Scripps '06

I've only known her this year, and I don't have all that much to say about her. But as a WikiWhore, I would feel remiss if I didn't say something. So I will say this: She is certifiably awesome. I had an awesome choir teacher in high school, and I would have been sad if my new choir prof hadn't been fully as awesome. But she was. --AdamField

She is Teh awesome. Especially in comparison to my high school conductor who was, frankly, a complete bastard. And the pieces we do for concert choir are wonderful, even when not well-known. (Dona Nobis Pacem =best on-crack piece ever) -DanielKagan

She is another of the permanent temporary professors we all know and love (see ProfessorLevin)

P.S. - Keep in touch with her! ademich493@aol.com

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