Not-so-affectionate nickname for DeanMichelle, who was the HarveyMuddCollege Dean of Residential Life before she got a job at ScrippsCollege and Dean Guy replaced her.

DeanBitch was so nicknamed for her unpleasant interactions with the student body. These included being very draconian about Rules (a trait that must serve her well at her new job at ScrippsCollege), as well as some unpleasant episodes that suggested she was being less than honest with students. For example, once upon a time there was a problem where she told one story to the student body president and a totally different story to the DAC chair at the time--not a good move, considering the two were sleeping together at the time (and are now happily married OutsideTheBubble). DeanMichelle and DeanJeanne? had a "nice" good-cop/bad-cop dynamic going on for awhile, but that's about as close as I can come to naming her redeeming qualities.

Suffice it to say that Dean Guy is a big improvement.

Every time I ever went to see the registrar or the dean of students or **shudder** DeanMichelle herself, she was always on the phone (usually with her husband, I think) talking about non-work stuff. Always. And if I did have to talk to her, that meant waiting outside her office for at least thirty minutes, while listening to half of a boring conversation. -- TimBuchheim

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