TacoBell? with an additional 10cents removed from the price of a SoftTaco?, which may seem scary, but consider this: at least DelTaco uses real cheese in their food.

It's also open 24 hours, which makes it popular for late-night food runs (see LegendaryDelTacoRun). But the burgers there are pretty pathetic compared to In & Out, Sleazy Burger or The Hat (mmm... pastrami cheeseburger). Depends on your taste in fast food.

The chicken soft tacos, on the other hand, are yum-yum-yummy, and laced with some kind of crack that makes them highly addictive. It's a good thing they're so cheap....

Spicy Jack Quesadillas are where it's at. They're cheap, delicious, and good for you. Really. Spicy Jack Chicken Quesadillas, with Del Scorcho sauce, are even better.

They also have (supposedly) vegetarian "The Works" burritos... yum!

Its true! A Spicy Jack Quesadilla (no chicken) and a Veggie Works Burrito is the preffered DelTaco order of PitzerJosh.

DelTaco is 5 minutes away -- it should not take everyone 2 hours to go there...

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