"I want to be a Dessert Sage! Think of the FAME! The FORTUNE! The GLORY!!!"

This was said while MarySullivan was looking through a tea catalog and found a tea called Desert Sage. Then after proceeding to consistantly misspell Desert as Dessert, it morphed into its final form of Dessert Sage.

Desert Sage AnaGrams to Great Seeds.

Dessert Sages (there is actually only one, but if there were more this would apply to them too) are definite proponents of chocolate. Although lesser known for it, Dessert Sages are Saviours of Citrus.

Actually, one of the more important aspects of being a Sage (especially a DessertSage) is forseeing the future. DessertSages are big believers in the concept of the SelfFulfillingProphecy.

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