An old anime series (well, not real old, but the opening theme CD Single is copyright 1985...) starring Kei and Yuri, a team of "trouble consultants" for the WWWA (Worlds Welfare Works Association, IIRC) officially known as the Lovely Angels. They do their job, fixing things when the WWWA's computer determines that they need fixing. Unfortunately, wherever they go to fix things, there always seems to be a lot of collateral damage. Collateral damage connected to their trouble consulting, in fact. Planets are wrecked, cities explode; that sort of thing. But, as the computer always bears out, it's never their fault, really. Their fault or not, this reputation has earned them the nickname of the Dirty Pair. (However, if you call them that to their faces, you take your life in your own hands...)

Perhaps the classic specimen of "babes with bazookas". (I believe this is the series that features the clear diamond armor/spacesuit that looks like a bikini because it's mostly transparent...).

There was a later series, covering the period just after the team got together, called Dirty Pair Flash. It is not well-liked, by and large (and some really cheesy stuff was added, including a transformation sequence).

The DirtyPair show up as premiere characters in UndocumentedFeatures. There is other extant DP FanFic, but I've not read any of it and so can't comment.

The opening theme song is "Ru-Ru-Ru-Russian Roulette", (or RO-RO-RO-ROSHIAN RUURETTO, if you want to be pedantic about romanization...); the ending theme's title has been translated as "Space Fantasy".

The opening for Dirty Pair Flash has been translated as "Limitless Answer", which is probably flawlessly accurate and thus amusingly incorrect. The ending is entitled "Friends".

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