Heyjohn! Howzabout we disorganize a club trip to the beach, mayhap play a GameOfSink? or two?

The DiscordianClub charter:


I. Porpoise

The Discordian Club is a heavy blunt weapon consecrated to Eris an HMC-based club dedicated to promoting the ideals of chaos, confusion, and outright nonsensical boobery.

XVII. Method

The Discordian club will carry out its aforementioned purpose through the use of posters, flyers, table tents, and other paper-based media. In addition, the use of games of Sink, and various sundry rituals (i.e.: Poping ceremonies, banishings to the region of Thud, induction, etc.) will be at our disposal.

L. Structuro Poquito

Due to the nature of the Discordian Club, all titles of office will be self-granted and meaningless. However, to appease the "normals," we include this section for your amusement

The Ash Ketchem shall set meeting times and locations, he will also be responsible for catchin' 'em all, and choosing which pokèmon to use in the constant struggle against Greyface, the pokèmon master.

The Gnomes of Zurich shall prepare budget requests, manage all funds, keep "accurate" records of all transactions, be prepared to submit to ASHMC Council, and to thoroughly crush and destroy the Society of Assassins

The Gearmeister shall be responsible for maintain the club's equipment and making the equipment available to all members of ASHMC.

John'll do this.

No member or officer of this ASHMC Chartered organization shall be selected, dismissed, or discriminated against on the basis of age, race, religion, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or political affiliation. Unless you are a cAbBage. If you are a cabbage, and are a nice cabbage, we might let you in, but we reserve the right to hate you and send searing glances of pure hatred towards you during any and all club functions, burning you down to your very cabbage soul, and infusing you with a deep, brooding introspection, causing you to rediscover life as an existential hell from which only the lucky escape.



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