The now common nick name for AndrewKouzelos, one of the regular HaloFrosh.

Whilst other name variations exist, DreW is the official nickname name for AndrewKouzelos which arrose from it being used as a gameing name in HaLo.

Recently, DreW has taken to going by SilentJAK? in HaLo, but the name has stuck, so save yourselves some breath and call me DreW if you are so inclined.

DreW is known for his mind numbing randomness and spontanaity in real life, these properties are also observed whilst playing games.

This is most clearly manifest as the fine art of Drewdling, which involves random character motions caused by either looking at the wrong screen in multiplayer, or by using the ring finger to control the joystick. The effect is that of random motions that are difficult and at some times impossible to target. This technique has frusterated the likes of many a HaloFrosh, earning DreW the honor of his own verb action.

Drewdling has its uses as an effective countersnipe technique (Drew holds the record for resisting the sniping attempts of JimmyJ? : four sniper clips) as well as an amusing form of entertainment when the character gets stuck, lost, or dizzy. Drewdling matches are also inspired by this phenomenon.

It goes without saying that DreW drewdles extremely well (he is aka. Drewdler). However, special honors go to CABAL and Logan5 for coming very close to mastering this skill of champions.

Now, as far as actually winning, DreW falls a bit short, averaging approx. 15 kills in a good game.

A confirmed invis. and shotgun whore, also fond of and moderately skilled with assault rifles (condusive to Drewdling), and just fond of the Rocket. Stinks at sniping and still pretty bad at pistoling.

Also given to shouting "Leibnitz!!!" or "I take the Leibnitz fruit" upon mild sucess.

DreW talks too much so I will spare you all from more pain and anguish.


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