On October 6, 2018, BerlinPaez and BenLangton both ordered over-priced "Ein" corgi plushies from the anime CowboyBebop at the same time. A bet began between the two of them as to which one would arrive first, with the very high stakes of a pizza slice. Ben's Ein arrived at Mudd first though Berlin's Ein arrived at East first, neither could agree which won the bet†, and a rivalry was born. It is customary for the EastDormCorgi owners to bring the Ein plushies to the EastDormCube with them, where the two dogs usually fight to assert dominance.

<-- Prototype Ein (not specifically Berlin or Ben's)

Naming conventions:

Berlin calls his Ein plushie "Ein" and Ben's "Ein Prime" to show that Ben's is merely a derivate, and thus a copy, of his plushie. Likewise, Ben calls his Ein plushie "Real Ein" and Berlin's "Fake Ein".


Berlin's Ein has a left-aligned nose while Ben's Ein has a right-aligned nose (with respect to the mouth). Ben's Ein has historically been more aggressive towards Berlin's Ein; it is well known that Berlin's Ein attacked first on October 26, 2018, breaking the historic cease-fire of O' 20. It is a well documented fact that Berlin's Ein was seen flying across the room in an agressive rage while Ben's Ein was merely sitting on the table.

Other Corgis:

The Eins are not to be confused with the other pair of nearly identical corgi plushies that mysteriously arrived to a pair of remote learning outposts in Fall 2020. It is so far unknown how these corgis get along with each other and/or the Eins.

† Ben initially agreed he lost the bet and bought Berlin the pizza slice but later learned that the mailroom had not emailed him when the corgi arrived

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