FredJohnson has been called SillyFrosh, SleepyFrosh?, and ScaryMathFrosh.

Fred likes applying group theory to solving Rubik's cubes. He particularly likes commutators. They are very useful for blindsolving, and Fred made a method of solving the Rubik's Revenge that uses commutators in the last step to solve the remaining edges and centers.

Fred likes juggling, too. Immediately after his last final in fall 2006, he learned Mills Mess. In fall 2007, he learned to juggle 4 balls. His goal is to be able to do Macky's ARML trick of juggling two Rubik's cubes in one hand, solving a third in the other hand, and switching out the cubes until they're all solved. Ideally, he would do this on his unicycle.

Fred took the unusual combination of analysis and multivariable calculus I in the spring of 2007. As a result, he was one of the few people who knew what Professor Limon meant when he was referring to open balls.

Fred is particularly proud of his perfect score of 28 on the 2006 Putnam.

During the summer of 2007, Fred switched to the Dvorak keyboard layout. He got bored after SummerMath ended.

In the fall of 2007, Fred discovered that he likes ballroom dancing. This discovery surprised him a bit.

Fred enjoys playing and watching StarCraft. He plays Terran because he thinks siege tanks are awesome.


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