A method of wheeled locomotion popular at HarveyMuddCollege. Many Mudders just use them to travel the vast distances to and from class, but some can do cool tricks on them as well.
From Wikipedia:

"Freeline skates are a pair of skates designed to give the feeling of skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and inline skates all in one.[citation needed]

(editor's note: passerby think you are as cool as someone skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and inline skates all in one.)

They consist of two separate metal or wooden plates with two wheels attached by a form of “truck” designed specifically for the skates.[citation needed]

(editor's note: The technically correct term is Individual Feet Skateboards.)

The technique used to skate with Freelines is unique to the skates, and is a challenging wave-like motion.[citation needed]

(editor's note: Whoever wrote this article has probably never freelined.)

The individual skates, when ridden together, produce speed, agility, and natural self-propulsion, allowing for uphill motion.[citation needed]

(editor's note: You can also achieve speed, agility, natural self-propulsion, and uphill motion using only one skate. Not even wikipedia apparently believes this, which may be definitive evidence that, as many suspect, there is a significant amount of black magic involved.)

A fun thing to do on freelines is tricks. You can learn:

(If you want to learn to freeline, you can borrow a pair from skate club. You can also get some tips from someone like JawaharMadan. He can be found on his FreeLines. --JawaharMadan)

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