Yet another game based around the premise that GiantMechaAreCool?. That aside, the gameplay is pretty good, although the tactical elements aren't as complicated as those found in FinalFantasyTactics and the mech design could be quite a bit more flexible.

The story is good, especially for conspiracy theorists--the game more or less centers around most of the world's major governments trying to kill the main character after he sees something he shouldn't. In addition, there are two major versions of the plot, as well as a number of more minor remixes.

The plot is relatively cliche'd, but it has its little surprises, even so, and the story is (in general) told well. The two major plot threads intertwine in neat ways, a feature I wish more games had... (the only other similar game I can think of is ShiningForceThree?, the only SegaSaturn? game I have a real desire to play... and SF3 did the entwining even more than FM3).

The music is pretty good as well (IMHO).

Overall, five stars (out of five). --AndrewSchoonmaker

So, I played through one of the missions, and now I'm a sizable chunk through the other. The total game time kept going, so between the two it says I'm up to about 70 hours. So, yeah, the equivelent of 3 whole days of my summer has been spent on this game, and I'm nowhere close to being done with the second senario --JustinPava (I'm sure this should scare me. I really am.)

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