Tim: Well, Thresh could probably do it...

Will: Rahh! I fuck you!


Joaq: Everything in moderation

Greg: It wasn't untill later that further inspection revealed that I had, in fact five toes.

Max: Great Advances in Barn Raising technology

Mike: And when you lose controle, you'll reap the harvest you have sown.

Tim: In the future, women are sexy.

Will: And you get shrunk to fit in your car.


Joaq: You can't call a male table atendent garcon

Greg: Alas! Alack! I lack a lass!

Max: Good News: Astro works, Bad News: It's only a matter of time

Mike: Bitch I live in a fucking trash can

Tim: "Mmm...Window..." - Donny

Will: We're all chasing that red balloon...together!


Max: MOTD will be provided on an as available basis.


Tim: Most parents play it fair and come back.

Will: Cooooookie crisp...bitch!


Joaq: "I like escalators" -Jones


      In  Living
     <- STEREO ->

Tim: Up Left Down Shoot Right Shoot Shoot

Will: ...the pain...


Joaq: "He turned me upsidown but all the cookies didn't come out." -Alison

Mike: Our land.

Tim: Jesus is a hit with the ladies.

Will: ...with mind bullets!


Joaq: Whatever happened to everything in moderation?

Greg: You're drinking shity liquid, you're drinking shity liquid ... AND SUDDENLY YOU'RE DRUNK!

Max: It only has one button!

Mike: "800-like-a-billion" -Joaq

Tim: When life gives you poop, make poop juice.

Will: Groffskithur: best card evar!


Joaq: There was massive partying and physicists were running naked in the streets.

Greg: inebriated (I'ni briat ed) adj: Making MSA quotes nad watching Tron.

Tim: You smell like watermelon. No, not the fruit.

Will: Which is chosen?


Mike: Fuckbarn.

Joaq: There is no range of motion, so you can't call it the fuckbarn.

Greg: Could we call it the extreme spooning pit?

Max: No. Its the Jack Shack

Tim: Whatever happened to the masturbatory mansion?

Will: Jack Shack: it's the poor man's masturbatory mansion.

Logan and Micah: Do not offend the chair leg of truth. It is wise and terrible.



Will: Inject tons of evil spirits! Grand Cross!

Joaq: Plop, fold, sprinkle, 68, plop, fold, sprinkle, 69, . . .

Greg: As luck would have it, the internet faild to crash last thursday.

Max: Talk derivitives to me baby!


      "What makes a man, Mr. Lebowski? Is it the will to do what is necessary, whatever the cost?"
      "Yeah . . . that . . . and a pair of testicles."

Logan and Micah: "Don't cross the beams." "Why?" "It would be bad."


Tim: My children need wine!

Will: Laughing time is over.

ProfessorRan: It's more of a binary search stick.

Logan and Micah: Shellschock also manages to remedy one of the major shortcomings of action games since the early 80's: the lack of Vietnamese whores. You can trade in you bloody chits for a pass to the whorehouse situated behind the base. Then just walk up to you choice of prostitute, listen to her torrid come-on, and click the "Do It Like Rabbits" icon.


Tim: I just give them 2 Aleve and in no time we're making Illegitimate Lincoln babies!

Will: Statistically speaking, there are enough spiders on the planet that no matter where you are, there is at least one within 6 feet of you.

Logan: "So, do you consider yourself 90% of a big man?" -Cal (I do now!)

Joaq: Isomorphisms are like violent coups.


Tim: You will all be servants of the satan.

Will: Happy birthday, Master Yoshi

Joaq: POTC: Pirates of the Christ


Tim: Work it Make it Do it Make us

Will: Well you see, the pillow increases his nanoskills.

Joaq: POTC: Passion of the Caribian

Max: "She had a GREAT ASS. And your head was ALL THE WAY UP IT!"

Micah: "How old are you?" "Nineteen." "Can I have your phone number?" <-- It's funny because it actually happened

Logan: "The Dark Ages." The sentence, and now, the Wiki Node! (DarkAges)


Tim: Cycling! Cycling! Lalala!

Will: Thompson's teeth: the only teeth strong enough to eat other teeth.

Micah: "Oh my god, I turned my ass into a hand-grenade --"

Joaq: If I don't know her name I'll sleep on the couch."


Tim: Word animals will feel the wrath of Cubic curse.

Will: I want those 3 minutes of my life back...

Micah: "Have you ever seen a cowboy light on fire? No, of course not. So if I was somehow to turn myself into a cowboy, it would make me and thus the children more fireproof!"

Logan: The man's a moron. If he spins around you a few times and you don't reverse polarity or whatever, he'll fly off saying, "My powers don't affect him! He must be made entirely out of kryptonite!"

Joaq: Guinness, it's what's for dinner!


Tim: Vandalism's best when it's totally meaningless and unfair.

Will: Way cheap... ...is way deep

Micah: "Son of God or son of man, Marseille: You can't fuck your sister and expect much good to come of it."

Joaq: Superman could never fuck Lois, I bet he blows a load like a shotgun straight through her back. The only way he could bang regular chicks is with a kryptonite condom, but that would kill him.

Logan: Bah! Showers are for people with GirlFriends?.


Tim: But what if you have no taste?

Will: Hook off!

Joaq: Let's go to Zanarkand . . . together.

Micah: "Never look a man in the eye when you could shoot him in the back instead."


Tim: Many in Kamigawa call them "The goggles". Perhaps this is because they do nothing.

Will: People don't shit in the dark. Except during a power outage.

Micah: "I beat the Devil. I beat all THREE of the bastards, and I got them to cure my sodding lung cancer while I was at it."

Greg: On a scale from one to retarded, that's pretty differently abled.

Max: Blastissimo!!

Joaq: Breves ensign.


Tim: Aw... I think someone didn't get his juice box.

Will: This message got its 15 seconds of fame.

Micah: PURPLE!

Logan: GREEN!


Tim: My name is Eric I got nothing to say beacuse I am not a fucking DJ.

Will: Its all well and good until the aliens invade, and you realize you don't have a big guy with a sword to drive them off.

Micah: We are really not observant. I mean, the handle's there and everything.


Tim: For shinja my ninja.

Will: The following statement is true. The preceding statement is false.

Joaq: Republicans aren't safe for those over 48''

Micah: Apparently, Tim beats his cock. But Will's cock beats Tim.

Logan: I thought about the word "else" for too long and convinced myself that it wasn't a real word.


Tim: Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!

Will: The feeling of haunted by the feeling of depression

Joaq: At places of commerce you can exchange money for goods and services.

Micah: Commandos? What the fuck?


Tim: Poopty Peupty Pants

Will: Sit on it for 20 minutes and pretend its a stranger.

Logan: And now, HoboCam!

Micah: Just one more game. I swear.

Greg: The shoes are off

Joaq: It's time to eat!


Tim: It's like Prague sans the whimsy.

Will: Man, ugly girls like to frequent Denny's.

Logan: I'm so proud of myself. I figured out how my pants work!


Tim: Zombie eat brains, but zombie no can swallow this injustice.

Will: Alphabet coup.

Micah: "My moves are so off the hook that I have to spend a turn setting up."


Tim: Be Up & Doing! Future is Mine!

Will: This motd brought to you courtesy of two days from now.

Micah: GOD EXISTS: ARGUMENT FROM BLINDNESS (II) (1) God is love. (2) Love is blind. (3) Stevie Wonder is blind. (4) Therefore, Stevie Wonder is God. (5) Therefore, God exists.


Tim: Your bloddy death makes me sunshine happy.

Will: Pleased to rake your acquaintance!

Micah: I'm not going to bed until I take over the world.


Tim: We have an out! She thinks we're nerds!

Will: It felt like a cluster-bomb wiping out a graveyard full of zombies.

Micah: You're a triangle!

Greg: Jeff Goldblum te esta mirando hacer caca!

Logan: Jeff Goldblum te caca!


Tim: Boromir: Fucking campers!

Will: Don't you hate it when people don't update stuff regularly when they're supposed to update said things regularly, and then don't explain why they're not updating regularly?

Logan: I think I may have invented a higher form of sanity.

Greg: Darn egg storms!


Tim: Come enjoy this lonely sky with me.

Will: Triple Redundancy Theatre presents: Triple Redundancy, by Triple Redundancy Theatre.

Micah: "So, did you find any food?" "No, but I did find a nice steaming plate of YOUR DOOM!"

Logan: I am breathing with extreme difficulty! Punctured lung is not happy funtime agony! *giggle*

Greg: Greg's Principle of Priciples: Every Principle is named after someone.

Joaq: You read the problem and you're like "something clever", then is says "Hint: something clever". Fuck!

Mike: Hi! I'm anal medic.

Max: Gravity is taking over!!!


Tim: And I will recieve the parcel.

Will: Ooh! It's a moving sanctuary of love!

Joaq: EDC movies: Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellows

Greg: ohgodtheairsinvis

Micah: GOATS.

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