So, Gwen is now a junior, who lives with KatieBennett in one of the Atwood efficiencies - 114, to be exact - though she is unofficially a member of the neighboring SuiteNsour. Gwen is also a physics major, and no longer broken... er, much. After spending most of FrOsh year in a wheelchair, she was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia... which pretty much means "we don't actually know what's wrong with you, but if you don't get enough sleep, you're fucked." This has been fascinating to try to reconcile with Mudd, but has been mostly doable so far.

One Friday afternoon, near the end of spring semester, KatieBennett walked into their room and said "YES NO MORE PHYSICS LAB EVER" to which Gwen replied "I'm a physics major" and then Katie hugged her. --KatieBennett

Gwen is a FrOsh who lives in East 111, but spends most of her time next door being one of TimeSuck's unofficial resident froshlings.

Gwen also answers to TimeSuckFrosh?, BrokenFrosh?, CrippledFrosh?, and any variant thereof. She currently has no fully-functional limbs, and has no clue why. No, really. It's kind of creepy. The doctors claim that it might be rheumatoid arthitis... despite the fact that all tests have come back negative. What the fuck.

UPDATE: CrippledFrosh? has a wheelchair now. Yay!

In Gwen's junior year, she joined the CCBDC and ushered in a shining new era of queer female standard leads. Now you can barely walk into an introductory standard class without running into five queer women giggling because Paul compared quickstep to scissoring. Additionally, she was a member of CaitlinJacques' ridiculous Lead Harem and was one of Karen's two same-sex suitors during her solo. She even got to pick up Luke which was boss. Speaking of Luke, if not for him, Gwen would be the official laugh mascot of the CCBDC. It is a lot of fun to make her laugh.

Gwen likes small children and if you mention them to her, she will make a fun face.


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