In MuddSpeak, a TimeSuck is that what sucks time -- sleep, classes, VideoGames, SignificantOthers, BrideOfPinbot, DiabloIi...

Time Suck is also a second-floor suite in EastDorm, traditionally (i.e. since it was founded in 1997) inhabited by four sophomores, one of whom is named Chris. It has a StopLight which indicates what activities are going on in PublicSide. See also: TANGERINE. Since 2016, it is customary to have 6 sophomores participate in TimeSuck, resulting in two triples and the PublicSide.

TimeSuck is now more commonly on the first floor

[above: the first TimeSuck]

Note to future generations of TimeSuck: if public side and private side are technically in two different suites and you don't tell DAC *before* moving, you're gonna have a bad time...

TimeSuckXXII? (2019-2020) aka TimeSuccc?:

TimeSuckXXI (2018-2019):

TimeSuckXX (2017-2018):

TimeSuckXIX (2016-2017) aka Doublesuck:

TimeSuckXVIII (2015-2016):

TimeSuckXVII (2014-2015):

Most likely ShunLap.

Time Suck took a brief hiatus during the 2013-2014 school year; poor rainfall led to an infertile crop of FrOsh

TimeSuckXVI (2012-2013):

TimeSuckXV (2011-2012):

TimeSuckXIV (2010-2011): (aka the Time Succubi)

TimeSuckXIII (2009-2010) Back in its rightful place.

TimeSuckXII (2008-2009):

Due to medical reasons, TimeSuckXII will be located in BoilerSuite.

TimeSuckXI (2007-2008):

TimeSuckX (2006-2007):

TimeSuck9 (2005-2006):

TimeSuckVIII (2004-5):

TimeSuck7 (2003-04):



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