The fifteenth TimeSuck. Coincidentally also the highest numbered TimeSuck to date. Wow!


Blanket Fort:

On October 21-22, 2011, TimeSuckXV held the first ever TimeSuck Blanket Fort building extravaganza. It was epic on an unanticipated scale. Multiple people contributed bedframes for a three-story effect, there were upwards of 400 pounds of bedding used in the construction, and as many as 32 people occupied the fort at peak hours. People listened to radio dramas, read short stories aloud, talked, laughed, and did honorable battle (outside, of course -- we're not savages...). A map exists on the public side wall to commemorate this historic event.

TimeSuckXV is also currently (current being fall semester 2011) hosting a complete watch-through of all of Breaking Bad, up through the most recently completed fourth season. Snacks may be available, but BYOMethamphetamine.

Doesn't show enough porn.

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