TimeSuck's stoplight helps indicate the happenings inside PublicSide, preventing people from barging in on possibly awkward situations.

The following is a key to how the light is used as of TimeSuckXXI:

-- LilyFriedberg


Red and green seems like the perfect indicator for "Porn & Tacos: enter at own risk". -- KevinMcSwiggen

P & T is a part of Timesuck's past, but no longer its present. -- BenLehman

Journey to the meaning of the Codes:

   I was staring into the blue of the screen. WPA demanded its password. An email buzzes my phone. It is from Dillon Coville, sending me codes. I squirm like a bug in the earth. I put the controller down, and go to CIS. The help 
   desk is empty. I knew this would happen. I put out my tent, roll out the sleeping bag, and tuck myself in. They will return soon. But the codes pulse through my mind. 

   Red, Yellow, Green. STEMS, Frosh keep out. Yellow and Green. Cooking and Cleaning. 

   I sweat through the bag and swear
   Count to four, breathe in....

   Count to four, exhale

   Count to yellow, come in quietly, there's a timesuck res

   Count to three, Red Yellow Green. Frosh keep out. STEMS is keeping you out

   The fibers in my muscles strain. My body curls up, but feels like it's being ripped apart. Green, come in. Red, stay out. Red and Green, a combination. Studies are happening now... but add yellow and remove green, stay out 
   again, private events. The tent roof raises. I'm getting smaller. Please help


   No colors remain, but the blue of the screen in my eyes. That fades away.

   No more colors, no more secrets to find in Timesuck. Just the emptiness.

   I wasn't ready. I'm sorry

-- JasonMisleh

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