The long-awaited sequel to one of the most successful, revolutionary games of all time, the 1998 HalfLife. HalfLifeII brings a delightful physics engine and updated graphics to the assistance of everyone's favorite crowbar-wielding theoretical physics geek GordonFreeman?. HalfLifeII's engine, Source, has already been used to create mods like CounterStrike: Source, the sequel to the most popular multiplayer game of all time. Other Source mods to popular HalfLife mods, such as DayOfDefeat?, will soon be arriving, but whether their quality lives up to expectations remains to be seen.

I don't suppose someone who has actually played HalfLifeII could post a review here? I've been too busy with WorldOfWarcraft recently.

[Insert rabid, passionate review to be written at a later date here.] -- WillShipley

omg gravity gun!!11!!!!

"If pulverizing someone with a filing cabinet is wrong, I don't wanna be right." --WillShipley

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