Not to be confused with the jesus dance http://www.jesusdance.com ...

A beautiful Internet site featuring animated hamsters dancing to some splendidly annoying music that is actually a sped-up version of ending credits theme of Disney's "Robin Hood".

The site, revived by Thomas "Erewhon" Lotze, in early 1999. Lotze found the previous incarnation on a site covered in porn banners, and deciding that they violated the spirit of the dance, gave it a home at Harvard. The site experienced a massive boom in popularity in February, and inspired huge numbers of imitation "Dance" sites. Lotze later took it down due to copyright complaints by some dork (who couldn't possibly have held the copyright, because the music was ripped off from Disney), but Lotze's loyal clanmates still remember that he started the whole thing.

Unfortunately, the former domain of HamsterDance, http://www.hamsterdance.com , has been taken over by cheap rip-offs of HamsterDance, such as Rodent Dance and Pikachu Dance. However, the sequel to HamsterDance has been released at http://www.hampsterdance2.com . They have the original HamsterDance, the lyrics to the Song, an interactive Shockwave HamsterDance (with a cool techno remix), and even a preview of the new HamsterDance CD. Does it get any better than this?

How about a mute button?

Also, a group called the Cuban Boys has released a techno remix of the HamsterDance. Just in case you thought the online version wasn't cool enough...

Actually, I don't think that the original hamster dance is at the hampster dance 2 site anymore (which now is target of domains hamsterdance.com and hampsterdance.com) ... a mirror of the original page (or at least it looks a lot like I remembered it) is at http://www.oceanbluepools.com/hamster/

HampsterDance? eventually spawned the group Hampton and the Hampsters, which actually have a CD out.

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