This page doesn't exist, and probably shouldn't. The same could be said about HatBot himself, but that didn't stop ChrisSauro.

The original idea for HatBot was shamelessly stolen from TheSCPFoundation? and it will remain that way. HatBot is an order-1 Markov text generator trained on the entire bash.org archive (at the time) and half a year of logs from OctothorpeHMC. He is also trained in real time on the IRC channel on which he resides. The result is every bit as frightening as the original HatBot, although the 2.0 seems to have an even bigger thirst for murder and rape. While he has yet to spawn a catchphrase like "Fuck trees, I climb clouds, motherfucker" it seems to be only a matter of time.

It is worth noting that ChrisSauro forgot to write in the appropriate Skynet guards and appears to be paying for it more and more by the day.

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Last edited August 22, 2011 18:11 (diff)