Quotes involving HatBot, generally with HatBot as a central (and creepy) character.

 < reacocard> hatbot: where in the world is carmen sandiego?
 < hatbot> reacocard:  lo.
 <@masterzora> hatbot: where in time is Carmen Sandiego?
 < hatbot> masterzora:  maybe even here.
 <@masterzora> O.o
 <@masterzora> is hatbot Carmen Sandiego?
 < hatbot> masterzora:  ...
 <@masterzora> ...
 < reacocard> you gguessed it!
 * reacocard hands hatbot a giant red hat
 < hatbot> reacocard:  wow?
 <@masterzora> I think this is the part where hatbot steals the channel
 <@masterzora> with a helicopter
 < reacocard> yup
 < hatbot> no problem! 
 < hatbot> x_x!
 <@masterzora> :(

 < FallingSkye?> every day I'm trolling hatbot
 < hatbot> FallingSkye?:  And I'm not.!

 < FallingSkye?> hey hatbot, how many bottles of beer left?
 < hatbot> FallingSkye?:  someone else's kid says. !
 < FallingSkye?> hatbot, my work here is done
 < hatbot> FallingSkye?:  yes i get banned!

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