In charge of orchestrating HvZ, a week-long zombie apocalypse, on the ClaremontColleges once a semester. Often involves not sleeping and becoming a literal zombie during that week. A labor of love.

The HeadMod is the keeper of the HeadModSword?, the only Nerf melee weapon allowed in the game, which has been passed down from generation to generation from the time of Mackle (MichaelLampronYork?), at the very least. If you touch this sword and you are not HeadMod, your hands will burn off. Oops.

The HeadMod is responsibile for keeping the NerfMonstrosity? contained within TheMonolith? at all times. Its release would be the last omen of the FinalApocalypse.

The Order of the HeadMod:

 spring 10 SteveJaworski? ??
 10-11 Carter ??
 11-12 Maybe MilesLifson? ??
 12-13 MichaelLampronYork?
 13-14 MichaelLampronYork?
 14-15 EmilyWasserman?
 15-16 KateAplin?, JacksonWarley
 16-17 JacksonWarley
 17-18 MariechristineGarcia, MariechristineGarcia / LydiaSylla
 18-19 LydiaSylla, OliviaWatkins
 19-20 JayRodolitz and SerenityWade
 20-21 KariSchultz?

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