A webcomic by Andrew Hussie, professional troll.

Tells the story of John Egbert and his friends as they play a videogame. Unfortunately, things aren't as they seem, and things quickly evolve into a series of events that have to be seen to be believed.

A massive, temporally knotted story involving shaving cream (how can it be so flammable?), Nic Cage, juggalos, jpeg artifact, eldritch beings, a man with a cueball for a head, absolutely no pumpkins, buckets, murder, mayhem, and Betty Crocker.

Brought into East by GeorgeAspesi, where it quickly spiraled out of control as more and more people began reading it.

(Note: The HomeStuck fandom is second only to the Touhou fandom in tenacity, creativity, and insanity. When Andrew Hussie went on a brief hiatus prior to SDCC, part of the fandom convinced another part that a Homestuck anime existed using fake screen caps. You have been warned.)

Can be read [here].

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